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Company TROJEK a.s. is the most significant domestic company that is engaged in the trade with steel waste, non-ferrous metals and vehicle disposal. We offer our customers a complex service ensured by the highest technical facilities in the Czech Republic. Thanks to these facts, we are ahead of our competitors.

The fleet of trucks, excavators and other technical means in a range of more than 200 pcs has no analogy in the Czech Republic.

We have reached this situation during the 20-year existence of the company thanks to the work activity focused mainly on the economy effectiveness. With regards to the optimal distribution of our main facilities in Kolín, Otrokovice and especially in Ostrava, we ensure services for our customers all over the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.
All the above mentioned facilities are equipped with railway sidings and especially with sufficient processing capacities of modern machines for processing metal waste and non-serous metals. The main facility in Ostrava is the best equipped scrap yard in the Czech Republic.

We have reached this state via innovations of the technical and machinery equipment and spreading the capacity of our trucks that carry scrap and non-ferrous metals from our suppliers.
Our customers are the most significant steel companies in the European market. Other our significant customers are iron-foundries for which we created a separate division that reacts to specific requirements of this branch.

We believe that we will provide you – by means of our services – both services with the highest quality and an offer with a high price level, and thus jointly with our customers will realize the goal that … we do not take scrap lightly.

Ing. Zdeněk Trojek
Director and Chairman of the Board