Last but not least, company TROJEK, a.s. is also a significant processer of non-ferrous metals. Thanks to its own collection points and commercial facilities, subsidiaries and affiliated companies and business partners, the company is able to buy-out non-ferrous metals directly from producers of non-ferrous metals.
Non-ferrous metals are distributed from the collection points and buy-out centers to the centers in Otrokovice and Ostrava – Marianksé Hory, and from there they are being delivered to the end consumers all around Europe.
To determine the best possible prices of the bought-out non-ferrous metals, company TROJEK, a.s. uses the state-of-the-art electrometer devices at its facilities. By using these devices, our trained employees with a long-term practice are able to determine a precise chemical composition of the supplied material, which serves for the precise classification of the supplied non-ferrous metals.
The big capital force of company TROJEK, a.s. results in comfort payment conditions for the suppliers of copper, brass, bronze, all types of aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, electric scrap, vehicle batteries, stainless steel and other metals.