V e h i c l e d i s p o s a l – f r e e o f c h a r g e !
Our company deals with ecological disposal of motor vehicle of all brands, types, ages and categories (M1, N1,…). A specialized TROJEK car wrecks’ yard is available for you at: Nákladní Str. 52 in Ostrava – Mariánské Hory. . According to § 14 par. 1) of Law No. 185/2001 Sb., “Waste Law”, this work place is an authorized body for car wrecks taking-over and processing, i.e. waste of category No. 16 01 04* – car wrecks.
Car wrecks disposal is being performed in the specialized work place equipped with the state-of-the-art technical means guarantying ecological treatment within all technological operations related to the proper processing the car wreck. The entire work place is secured by an isolated leaktight area and liquid separators, thanks to which no leak of car operation liquids can occur into the surroundings, and thus the environment cannot be threatened. The vehicle takeover is fully free for your in our facilities. We accept vehicles in whatever state of damaging. However, it has to contain all essential vehicle parts, metal components and parts (a car body including VIN, a motor, a gear-box, axles … ).

What do you need for vehicle disposal?

  • big certificate of motor vehicle registration
  • certificate of identity (identity card, passport)
  • warrant of attorney (only if you are not an owner of the taken-over vehicle)
  • takeover of the vehicle and issuing a document of disposal

After taking-over the vehicle by our employee, we will issue a so called document of ecological disposal, on the basis of which you can – according to Law No. 56/2001 “On conditions of operation of vehicles on roads” – perform permanent inactivation of the vehicle from the vehicle register.

The vehicle must be in a complete state. We consider the vehicle is complete only in the below listed cases in spite of missing parts of the vehicles:

  • missing interior, tires including rims, seats, plastic external elements, operational liquids.



TROJEK Car Wrecks’ Yard
Nákladní Str. 52
709 00 Ostrava – Mariánské Hory

Contact person: Petr Navrátil
Phone: +420 731 533 917
E-mail: autovraky@trojek.cz