Our company’s activity that mustn’t be forgotten is collection and buy-out of discarded vehicle batteries and provision of their consequential treatment.

Bring them to us! Specialized facilities are available for you in Ostrava – Mariánské Hory and Otrokovice. According to § 14 par. 1) of the Waste Law, these work places are an authorized body for receiving all types of discarded vehicle batteries. According to the valid legislation, vehicle batteries are ranked among the dangerous wastes, what is subject to strong buy-out and collection conditions. Our facilities fully meet these conditions, and it is thus ensured that the discarded vehicle battery will not represent a risk for the environment.
We will buy-out your vehicle battery by attractive prices. To get prices, please contact our employees.
By visiting us, you only may profit.

  • by giving over the vehicle battery to the next processing, you will make a positive step for the protection of our common living environment.
  • we will buy-out a vehicle battery including their fillers (acid, gel,…)
  • you may bring even other collecting waste with the vehicle battery
  • a visit of us will always pay off



TROJEK Ostrava Scrap Yard
ul. Nákladní Str. 52
709 00 Ostrava – Mariánské Hory

Contact person: Stanislav Pastrňák
Phone: +420 731 533 934
E-mail: pastrnak@trojek.cz



TROJEK Otrokovice Scrap Yard
The industrial zone of TOMA, a.s.
765 82 Otrokovice

Contact person: Jan Jaroš
Phone: +420 731 533 972
E-mail: jaros@trojek.cz